Books, Monsoon and Chai: The Booklovers Gathering

Books, Monsoon and Chai: The Booklovers Gathering

Books, Monsoon and Chai was a unique concept devised by Pradipta Mandal and Aniesha Brahma to get together all book lovers under the same roof. Held at The Chaiwala on the 2nd of July, this event was truly special for me. A small gathering of a few bookworms and a healthy discussion regarding their favourite books was an enchanting way to start the event.

After a brief introduction Aniesha Di, reiterated her love for the young adult genre. In fact, she even pointed out the reference many of them have to fairy tales. For me, fairy tales have been a part of my childhood like any other,  however, I had never given much thought to them after reading them once or twice. The idea of stirring a plot with reference to the fairy tales for the youth has already gained my attention.

Having worked in the field of art education , books on child psychology interests Pradipta Di to a great extent. I believe that child psychology books are of immense help to not only children but also to their parents. Books are a reflection of life and they show us how to deal with certain situations better. She spoke about John Holt, an author she enjoys reading.

Moments from Books, Monsoon and Chai

Subhro Da, gave me many new insights to the world of children’s books and their relevance in contemporary times. He spoke about his interest in the words of Roald Dahl and Sukumar Ray– both evergreen authors of their own time. He quoted from The BFG. – a quote so childishly written and yet so powerful in its versus that it connects with the fate of human beings in contemporary times. With Sukumar Ray, the world of gibberish has been fascinating to the young and the old. It has drawn readers to itself with nonsense-syllables only to emerge them completely into the pages of great classics like Abol Tabol.

Madhubanti Di , escalated the conversation from the different genres and our favourite books; to the emotional and imaginary level. She pointed out how they (the books) have always remained our constant companion in each of our moods. There is always a book to read when we are happy, sad, anxious, angry, disturbed and the like. These books have the strength to calm us down, a strength missing in the real world at that moment. She continued how books are a doorway to understand, relate and form different perspectives and interpretations of the common and uncommon situations. In fact, Madhubanti Di focussed on the fact that while reading a book, we often tend to consciously or unconsciously become a character in it. This is something that I personally believe in. After reading a lot of books throughout the years, I still contemplate at times, how I became the rejected Karna in the Mahabharat ; Mukesh from The Mother I Never Knew (Sudha Murthy) who journeyed to far lands in search of his mother; or Seema from The Teak Almirah (Jael Siliman) who saw the world change around her , a community disintegrate around her and yet held the fort refusing to part with the city she was born and brought up in , waiting only for a lost love.

Pradipta Di and Aniesha Di

The conversation then took an interesting turn with two varied but much debated topic. Everyone was more or less agreeing to the fact that the new authors in the horizon must be given a chance for their creative talent. In fact, it is always good to be updated with the current authors, for their writings are fast- paced, thrilling, action- oriented, bordering more on fantasy than real life; but definitely worth a read. Another interesting topic of discussion was how books were made into movies; and whether one prefers to read the book first and watch the movie later or vice –versa.

Paroma Di , discussed how Pride and Prejudice formed an inevitable part of her life . This timeless classic has always been her constant companion when it came to packing her travel bags. Having read and re-read the novel so many times, it has definitely left a profound impact on her. The second novel which had touched her and many other readers was The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini. Personally, it is one of those books which I can never forget myself.

During my turn, I spoke about the fact that I preferred to enter into the field of world literature and hence have recently taken a liking towards translations. Having read the entire treasure trove of Bengali literature in translations, I had shifted the territory to Indonesia and Kabul for the moment. Though there are many who do not prefer to read translations but in the original language the book was written; it is not realistically achievable as one cannot know all the languages of the world. Hence, reading the translations would at least provide a gist of the story and I firmly believe that reading the gist would also help to understand the crux of a beautiful novel; rather than missing it out completely.

My biggest takeaway from the event was meeting like- minded people. Often there are many who love to read books but cannot write about their impressions of the book or articulate the impact the book left on them. But this discussion was definitely a high for me where everyone came together to share their love for literature. In fact, Subhro Da also informed me about the short stories by Edgar Karat and Peter Bexel from Germany, books that I have already added to my wish list.

I would like to thank Aniesha Di and Pradipta Di for arranging such an event and inviting me as well. It was a fruitful discussion and gave a platform for book lovers to gather around and interact with each other. I am certain that such events would continue and people would take part in it, in large numbers.

Another event for the bookworms is being planned on the 13th of August. If you love books, and want to be associated with this event or just join in for some fun , do come for the event (details will follow soon) and you know whom to contact as well!

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4 thoughts on “Books, Monsoon and Chai: The Booklovers Gathering

  1. A very nice read 🙂
    Pradipta did invite me for this event; unfortunately, I could not make it !

    Sukumar Ray is one author I can turn to at any point of time.
    Personally, I prefer reading the book before watching the movie. I feel the book allows me to be more imaginative.
    One problem that I have been facing of late is picking up books and then somehow not managing to complete them. I definitely need to stop this bad habit !

    I would like to congratulate all of you for devising and organizing this meet. Would definitely love to attend at the next possible opportunity!
    My best wishes to all of you 🙂

    • Post Author Subhadrika Sen

      Hi, I do hope we will be able to catch up for the next event. To be very honest, I somehow treat the book and the movie as separate entities. For me, it works both ways. I might watch the movie first and then read the book and vice- versa . But I strongly believe that books are my first priorities. In a movie, visuals are already given to you. But while reading a book, the happiness of imagining the scenes and circumstances in front of you, is an impact that movies cannot create. Further, I admit that I too have the habit of picking up books and not completing them because some other interesting book pops up. But I’m trying to do away with it. 😛 So, for the rest of the year I have made a promise to myself to finish reading the 50 books that are lying unread in my bookshelf before purchasing a new one. 🙂

  2. You’re a wonderfully talented young writer, Subhadrika! I am so glad you came to the event yesterday and I hope you become a part of the community we are trying to build 🙂 This blog post wonderfully captures the entire essence of Books, Monsoon & Chai. And I am grateful to Pradipta for coming up with this concept. See you soon! ^_^

    • Post Author Subhadrika Sen

      Thank You so much Aniesha Di. Coming from you, this means a lot to me. I must Thank You and Pradipta Di for organizing this meetup. I am looking forward to more such meetups in the days to come. We do read a lot of books but hardly do we get like- minded people to share them with. I am definitely looking forward to becoming a part of this community. It was lovely meeting all of you.

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