Adventures in Farland by Moshank Relia

Adventures in Farland by Moshank Relia

Ask a child what kind of stories do they want to hear and a chorus resonates throughout the surroundings with decipherable words like fairies, prince, princesses, magic and the like. Moshank Relia’s Adventures in Farland takes care of most of these characters and introduces more; thus becoming one of the perfect bed times stories for children. Farland is a fictional kingdom whose stories are told to children like Mira as folk tales and legends. But what happens when Mira and her childhood friends Bira and Vira, the clumsy twins get to experience the magic of Farland on their own? 


Adventure in Farland traces the adventures Mira, Bira and Vira have when they are invited to Farland for a celebration. While the kingdom is immersed in happiness and celebrations, an evil witch is trying to wake up a legendary dragon to take over the kingdom. Slowly, she is imprisoning all the faithful defenders of the land by casting a spell over them. With fewer defenders in the kingdom and most people merry-making at the Party, Mira takes it upon herself to save the kingdom from the clutches of the evil witch and help in returning peace to the land. Mira is portrayed as the little girl full of virtues who one looks up to for idealistic inspiration. Her loyalty to her friends, kindness, bravery and great presence of mind that is required for taking quick decisions sets her apart as a child, who has the right sense of mind to act correctly even under pressure. 

Relia lives up to the expectation of the children by presenting characters like Bushy, a man with a bush on his head with ladybugs encircling around; or Starhead, an ace pilot who has a star as his head from which light glows all the time. Animal characters like Mastiff, the dog; Bony, the cat, a crow, and eagles are also incorporated in the story. These characters help in building the sense of imagination in a child. It gives them the freedom to visualize a character according to their own comfort. It also serves as a great source of teaching to the children. 

I found it interesting while reading that even though Adventures in Farland is a book for the children with fun characters; it is successful in disseminating some of the core values to a child. What I liked the most is that it is not preachy in direct verses about the good and the bad consequences of our actions; but rather show us examples to take a cue from and take the right decisions. 

The lovely illustrations following the stories not only break the monotonous black and white of the letters but also give a moment to absorb the storyline and the characters by the reader. Children especially rely on the visuals more than the letters and thus, illustrations form a special part of books meant for children. The language too comprise  nature imageries and metaphors which helps in building  imaginative skills in children. 

I would recommend all my friends who have children or younger brothers and sisters to read this out to them. Most are bound to be engrossed in the simple yet interesting twists and plots of this adventurous bed time story. 
*Disclaimer: I was sent an e-book of Adventures in Farland in exchange of an honest review. This was done as part of the BookPlanetPR’s book review tour . 

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