Superwomen: Inspiring Stories of 20 Women entrepreneurs by Prachi Garg

Superwomen: Inspiring Stories of 20 Women entrepreneurs by Prachi Garg

Prachi Garg’s Superwomen is a Pandora’s Box for aspiring women entrepreneurs. Often, business and its related facets are identified as  ‘man’s world’. But what in today’s world can a woman not do? Superwomen explore the fantastic journey of twenty women who dared to follow their hearts and leave behind their identity of a conventional 9-5 office worker. Of course, it would not have been an easy road for any of them. But the fact that these brave women rode on a path less traveled; overcame all hurdles and emerged as winners in their respective fields; speaks volumes about their hard-work and persistence.

It is interesting to note that not all the entrepreneurs began as experts in their fields. In fact, most of the experience was acquired on-the-job. There exists a huge discrepancy between the theory of business management and the survival in the field in real terms. These skills of leadership and expertise are acquired on the way after having made several mistakes. Some of the real-life challenges for any entrepreneur include the tactics of pitching their business; to build trust among clients; to build a sustainable reputation; acquire funding; to build a judicious working model; get working hands; overcome frauds and fight sexist attitudes of people on being a female entrepreneur. What I found common in these feisty women is their ability to place themselves as the customer first. Only if one visualizes the point-of-view of the clients, can one understand the vacuum between the demand and supply chain.

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Garg’s idea of covering women entrepreneurs is commendable as they are often less talked about. I also liked the fact that the highlights included their background, how they came into their field of business, their inspirations and challenges and future vision.  It is also satisfying to read customer feedback for many of the ventures. Client views often give the much-needed confidence to new users in trying out a product or service. This only increases the client’s faith in the business. The twenty women covered in the book and their ventures are:

  1. Medhavi Gandhi of Happy Hands, who believes in the potential of traditional art forms.
  2. Ria Sharma of Make Love Not Scars, that works for the upliftment and empowerment of acid attack victims.
  3. Richa Singh started Your D.O.S.T to offer virtual counseling aid.
  4. Masoom Minawala of Style Fiesta who believes in reinventing the style quotient in women.
  5. Rachana Nagranee of Pitaraa, a unique and trendy organization promoting accessories and much more.
  6. Richa Kar of Zivame who brought a revolution in the field of purchasing women’s lingerie.
  7. Sneha Raisoni of Tappu Ki Dukaan, a place with quirky curios and gift items to remember your special visit to Mumbai.
  8. Swati Maheshwari and Sunita Jaju of Rustic art, promote an organic way of living.
  9. Alicia Souza is a graphic freelancer.
  10. Anisha Singh of MyDala makes life easier for people by making online discount coupons available to them.
  11. Charnita Arora of Perfect Life Spot focusses on the overall development of every student.
  12. Falak Randerian of My Little Chatterbox aims to create a reading culture among children.
  13. Geetika Chadha of Imagenie provides image management consultancy
  14. Pankhuri Shrivastava of GrabHouse has made it easier for people to look up to real estate investment without having to go through brokers.
  15. Rashi Narang started a whole new range of pet accessories through Heads Up For Tails
  16. Saumya Vardhan of ShubhPuja has made it easier to find resources for any ceremonies and astrological consultancies.
  17. Sneh Sharma of Ittisa is a girls-only digital marketing agency
  18. Dr. Surbhi Mahajan’s Dermatocare makes it easier for people to get derma care from the comforts of their homes.
  19. Tina Garg of Pink Lemonade promotes brand strategies and communication.
  20. Vidula Kanikar Kothare of Think Creative AdSolutions provides end to end digital marketing solutions.

What amazes me is that these superwomen have found a way to balance personal and professional lives; for which I look up to them. Their stories are inspiring and future entrepreneurs should take a cue from them to follow their dreams and never back down. These superwomen had the guts and the mettle to become the change that they wanted to see in the society and transform their passion into their profession.

On a more personal front, I love admiring folk art and tradition, though I am not a very artistic person. Hence Happy Hands became one of my favorites soon after reading the book. Your D.O.S.T is a concept; I am completely in awe of. Today society has become such that an individual is often burdened by inflicted peer pressures and worries. They do need an outlet to talk about their issues, which in most communities is still a taboo. With Your D.O.S.T this is slowly materializing into a much-needed yet confidential help for the individuals.

I would like to conclude with some food for thought. The society today has risen above the conventional professions. The fact that new age entrepreneurs are emerging and finding success only points out how acceptable the society is becoming. Further, the fact that women are donning the hats of an entrepreneur is also likely to break the shackles of gender confines, that earlier existed. With the emergence of E-cells in colleges and Universities, pitching seminars, workshops, training, networking opportunities; the path of entrepreneurs in India and abroad have been made easily accessible to individuals having out-of-the-box ideas. And lastly, Superwomen has been penned down by a superwoman herself. Prachi Garg is an entrepreneur having co-founded and The book is available on Amazon, Flipkart, and Snapdeal to order online.

*Disclaimer: I was given a review copy by the author in exchange for an honest review.

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