Lions Clubs Organise Lensethon for Photo Enthusiasts

Lions Clubs Organise Lensethon for Photo Enthusiasts

Taking an image, freezing a moment, reveals how rich reality truly is.”
— Anonymous 
On 21st of January, a team of 7 young, enthusiastic photographers went on a Photo walk conducted by the Lions Club of Rabindra Sarovar called Lensethon. The idea of a photo walk based on the theme Social Responsibility stemmed from the minds of the organizers due to a large number of youths associated with the Club. Moreover, photo walk enables an individual to meet like-minded people, bond over their common passion for photography – be it on mobile or DSLR, exchange tips to take photographs and share experiences and feedback. Thus, the entire team met in front of Menoka Cinema at 9 am and walked the entire stretch of the Rabindra Sarobar Lake till the walk ended at Golpark. Numerous stills were captured by the photographers and the in-house team.

The rules of Lensethon were very simple.

  1. Come for the walk.
  2. Take photographs on the theme: Social Responsibility
  3. Submit the photographs by day end without edits / with minimum edits on the official e-mail id.
  4. There was a registration fee of Rs 50 per submitted photograph.

Further, since many of the interested candidates could not join the photo walk, Lensethon was made open to online submissions as well. The rules were all the same. The photographs were judged individually in two separate categories – Online Submissions and Offline Participation. The jury consisted of Lion Swati Goswami (President) , Lion Saikat Dasgupta (Treasurer) , and Dhrubojyoti Bose ( Photographer).

Photography is all about interpreting the theme in your own way. That is exactly what the participants did, and the results were declared on the 24th of January. The winning photographs and their interpretations are discussed below.

Serenity by ARIJEET DUTTA,
1st Runner Up,
Theme – Social Responsibility,
Mobile Category

The Lions Clubs International is a leading organization with teams in every major city of the world. They believe in striving to make the global community a better place and organize various programs throughout the year to do so. Since the Club primarily aims in taking the first step in trying to make the society a better place by enlightening the people of various issues that needs immediate looking after; Social Responsibility was an apt theme for the photo competition. Moreover as Robert Frank said, “There is one thing the photograph must contain, the humanity of the moment.” Thus, the photo walk was one of their successful ventures for 2018. There will be much more to follow.

In Kolkata, I have been associated with the Lions Clubs for quite some time now and have taken part in three of their projects. I hope to continue to assist them in the future as well. If you would like to know more about the Club or want to receive regular updates regarding the events taking place keep in touch with Saheli Chakraborty, The Facebook Page and Me!


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