Global Shapers Organises Shaping Kolkata for a Sustainable Tomorrow

In an age where educational institutions are shut down in the capital city of India due to smog and air pollution; migratory birds are altering their routes; wetlands are being dissolved to give way to corporate houses or residential areas; and trees are being felled in order to accommodate more people; The Kolkata Hub of the Global Shapers Community is engaging the youth in order to come up with sustainable solutions for the variety of ever increasing and threatening problems around us. An Initiative of the World Economic Forum; the community believes in placing the trust in the hands of the future and hence engages today’s youth to brainstorm and produce SMART solutions to the ongoing problems. An abbreviated word, SMART can be expanded to mean Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time-Bound.

Kolkata is not only a city which is rich in heritage and culture; but also a city with a gorgeous environment. However, as is the case with most parts of the world, its environment is rapidly degrading. Each year new challenges are being faced. These challenges are in tandem with the seventeen challenges discussed by the United Nations General Assembly on 25th September 2015. Hence, the urge to involve the youngsters by Global Shapers to freely discuss their ideas and innovations to carve a path for a sustainably developed future.

Shaping Kolkata an initiative of the Global Shapers is a competition for the college and university students. Students had to come up with innovative ideas and submit their proposals. The best projects would be announced by the 12th of February. They would then be further invited for pitching their ideas on the 17th -18th February. On the first day, the pitchers would be guided by mentors to modify and concretize their ideas. On the second day, they would be given a time limit in which they would have to present their final pitch which would be judged. These experts would be from the field of social enterprises, start-up accelerators and incubators. The Kolkata Hub mentors would be available for the students who would be interested to turn their ideas into fool-proof projects outside the prospects of the competition.

Shaping Kolkata is a wonderful platform to voice one’s opinions and give their environmentally and socially aware minds, a push. According to a study, the average age of a person in India is 29 years. Thus, if the young minds below thirty years can ideate solutions to tomorrow’s problems, not only would the environment and the society benefit from it; but they would themselves achieve miles by turning their passion into entrepreneurial ventures.

Shapers Meeting, Kolkata Photo Courtesy: Global Shapers Kolkata Hub

Global Shapers are a community formed by leaders below thirty years. They inspire other members of the society to take active steps and build a better tomorrow- locally, regionally and globally. Global Shapers have a base in 156 countries with over 6000 members working actively for its ventures. The leaders are chosen on the basis of leadership quality, passion, dedication and ability to ideate out-of-the-box solutions for the benefit of the society. They come from all walks of the life: researchers, entrepreneurs, social media influencers, fashion designers, corporate leaders and the like.

This year, Kolkata Bloggers is proud to be associated with the Global Shapers as its online partners. Kolkata Bloggers has always supported social causes and events from which the ecosystem of the city and beyond would benefit. Thus, it is honored to be associated with Kolkata Shapers where young minds come up with logical and sustainable solutions to some of the most serious problems at hand today.

Photo Courtesy: Global Shapers, Kolkata Hub