Getting charged to attend The Kolkata Literary Meet

“Literature is one of the most interesting and significant expressions of humanity” – P.T Barnum

Today, Literature and the literary world have expanded to new horizons. Literature is not limited to the pages of a book. It has started finding innovative expressions for it. Literature today is expressed through art forms, dance, music, performance poetry, and films and so on. In fact, literature today is way beyond the traditional genres of fiction and non-fiction; it has extended to include activism, social causes, environment, music and the like. An amalgamation of all these various art forms and its interdisciplinary approach is celebrated widely in Kolkata through The Kolkata Literary Meet. #Kalam2018 has a grand line-up of speakers and its sessions hold relevance to not only the literary sphere but addresses certain need-of-the-hour social concerns.

Speakers range from Nobel Laureate Muhammad Yunus to Anchal Malhotra of the Remnants of a Separation fame; from Jeet Thayil whose latest novel The Book of Chocolate Saints broke all records last year to Soumitra Chatterjee, beloved actor from the Bengali Film Industry. Music maestro Shankar Mahadevan would also be gracing the occasion with his melodious music. Stalwarts like Shabana Azmi, Javed Akhtar, Devdutt Pattanaik and Ruskin Bond would be having interesting sessions during the one-week long literary meet.

The Kolkata Literary Meet touches upon a vast range of subjects for discussion-from micro-finance to poetry, from relevance and aftermath of the Partition to performance poetry and its significance in modern times. Sessions covering history, social science, and geography in literature are also incorporated. Overall, the Kolkata Literary Meet has considered the diverse tastes of the people while planning its sessions. The organizers have made sure to include an area of interest for every attending individual. What more, keeping in tandem with the relevance of reading that needs to be nurtured since childhood, a Junior Kolkata Literary Meet has also been organized.

The Kolkata Literary Meet appeals to the people of all ages. It has a holistic approach which attracts people, especially bibliophiles. The sessions would be conducted in English; however special Bengali and English sessions have also been included, as Vernacular Literature is as important as English Literature. Also, the amazing line-up of speakers draws attention. Their views on socially pressing matters in contemporary times are of great significance for students, teachers and common people who look up to them. The ability to have a short interaction with the speakers during the book signing opportunity is something everyone looks forward to, the most.

The Kolkata Literary Festival 2018 would be held from the 22nd of January to the 27th of January at Victoria Memorial, primarily with certain sessions being held at the Calcutta Club (Please check schedule). Though an open to all events, certain session require tickets. For ticket enquiries, requesting you to get in touch with the authorities. You can read the entire schedule below.

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Disclaimer: I have been officially invited as a blogger from The Kolkata Literary Meet. I would be present on all days. Do come and Say a Hi. Also, keep a tab on my Twitter and Instagram for more photographs. Thank You.