Nerolac IDEAZ: A World of Colours & Creativity

The 5th Edition of the Economic Times, Architecture and Design Summit, held at Park Plaza, Kolkata geared towards arming the audience with the revolutionary technologies in the field of interior decorations. A Blogger’s Engagement Programme was held as part of this Summit wherein they could interact and try a hands-on demo in using the new and improved paints by Nerolac.

Nerolac has been a leading business in the paint industry, providing some of the best quality paints over the years. This time it has outdone itself by associating emotions with the world of colors and paints. Colour is a very abstract term. As we saw throughout the programme that it hardly has a definition; but has many associations. For instance, Red is the color of anger, hatred, danger, love and what not. Similarly, each color is associated with an object or an emotion. This is how Nerolac decided to tap the perception of color for an individual and give it a new meaning when it came to decorating our homes with a riot of colors.

During the Summit,  Mr Rohit Goyal, Design Manager, Kansai Nerolac Paints made a short presentation, which highlighted its research objectives and results. Their aim was to portray the diversification of the Indian sub-continent through the colors that are used for decorating one’s home. During their study, a few characteristics of color preferences among Indian audience came to the forefront. India, being a country celebrating hundreds of festival across the states, tends to associate colors with culture. For instance, in the arid regions of Gujarat and Rajasthan, the houses are usually colored in the hues of light blues, pinks, beige and brown. In fact, many houses also have tribal drawings on the walls in white or black. This is a representation of their cultural ethos.

Further, being a tropical country, the people here prefer a warmer palette consisting of yellows, greens, and blues. This makes the interiors look larger, airy and improves ventilation. Moreover, color has started to become a definition of people. People are defined by what they choose to put on them, what color do they prefer, what color is their home/room and the like. In fact, it has become a reflection of their personalities, of late.

Thus, Nerolac had collected all these inspirations, stories, cultural perceptions and experiences revolving around the colors of India, to repackage them. Often, one looks towards the West for inspiration, but with the availability of local raw materials and inspiration from a land, this diverse; colors have been remodified to suit the needs of a contemporary Indian yet indigenous audience. Nerolac thus presented its new range of top coat designer finish colors called IDEAZ. The beauty of these colors is that though it takes a high drying time, it is non-drippy, easily removable (till not dried) and one can create their own designs and patterns using different household objects. Seven distinct palettes had been made for this purpose and they are :

  1. Masterpiece White
  2. Sunlight Bliss
  3. Urban Sense
  4. Exotic Escape
  5. Tropical Paradise
  6. Secret Garden
  7. Modern Monochrome
A Volunteer trying out the new range of paints.
Photo: Mr. Sagnik Karmakar

These designer paints come in various shades and are great colors to unleash your creativity into. In fact, after applying the top coat, one can play around trying to make designs on it with usual objects like a sponge, comb, cups, spoons and the like. Further, reverse painting is also applicable, where the color is directly applied to the tool and designs are created on an otherwise monochromatic background. A few volunteers from the audience were given a chance to test the properties of the paint and create a masterpiece of their own, giving everyone present a first-hand demo of the properties of this wonderful new addition to the world of Nerolac Paints.

Nerolac has been a pioneering industry when it comes to paints and the thought process and sheer research which went behind bringing out its latest range is truly commendable. With this new range, Nerolac hopes to give people the power to create their homes according to their preferences and do away with the trend of mundane wall colors by adding a bit of creativity and texture to it.

*Disclaimer: I would like to thank Kolkata Bloggers for giving me the opportunity to attend the Blogger’s Engagement Programme held during the 5th Edition of the Economic Times, Architecture and Design Summit at The Park Plaza, Kolkata on 8th December 2017. The photographs accompanying the post have been taken by Mr. Sagnik Karmakar.